Pasha Koval

I am a fourth year doctorate student in the Department of Linguistics and an Associate trainee in the Neurobiology of Language program at the University of Connecticut. At UConn Linguistics my advisor is Susi Wurmbrand. At NBL my mentor is Paul Allopenna.

My research interests lie primarily in theoretical syntax. Currently I work on the linearizaition.

Main sources of data for my research are fieldwork and formal experiments using psycholinguistic techniques. As a fieldworker, I am involved with Tatar, Balkar, and Kyrghyz (Turkic), Buryat (Mongolic), Japanese (Japonic), Akebou (GTM; Kwa), and Nepali (Eastern Pahari) languages. As an amateur experimentalist, I am currently learning to use EEG and eye‑tracking under the supervision of Jon Sprouse and Gitte Joergensen respectively.

upcoming and recent

March 2017: I'll be giving two talks about my project on Nepali correlatives and mechanics of rightward movement at FASAL7 and PLC41.

Updated on February 27 2017.